What Our Clients Are Saying About Golden & Jernigan

I was terrified when I needed to seek assistance for my legal proceedings. I had never been through the process and didn’t know where to begin. Jody and Lynette are the greatest. They covered every step of the process painlessly. They truly have their client’s best interest at heart.   – Jess

I would give Attorney Jody Jernigan a five star rating. She was very kind and patient with me at a very difficult time in my life. She was very for coming with me about my rights. She help me look past the moment so that I would be protected in the future. I would like to thank Jody for all her help and support.  – Lori

I was very pleased with Jody! I needed to file an order with my ex-husband’s workplace about getting the portion of his retirement that I was awarded. He tried to be a real jerk about it but Jody was very tough and professional and got him to sign the order in no time! I will definitely call her again if I need a lawyer. – Kerry

When I went to Jody for help I was in the Middle of a custody case that was not going my way. She was able to pull me out of the hole and I ended up getting everything I asked for plus some. She’s fast, tough and on top of her game! I will definitely be using her for any future issues that may come up! – Eric

Jody has been my lawyer since day one of my divorce process in 2014. The first moment we meet it was not only her compassion but her guidance and knowledge that won my confidence. Since then she has been by my side to help through child custody, Lombardo trial for schooling and child support. All successfully and thoroughly handled. I cannot imagine working with anyone else and I would highly recommend her. – Melissa

I was at a total loss. Jody was supportive with any questions I might of had. Straight up with all the possibilities. I felt confident in the directions and her explanations. Great person in difficult times. – Veronica

Jody was an incredible advocate for me as she represented me in the divorce process. She offered a free consultation and explained that she knew I wasn’t ready yet but shared the process with me for if/when I was ready to file. She was always calm and confident, which relieved my anxiety and allowed the process of divorce move forward fluidly. Her professional rapport with the judge and other professionals involved also made the process smoother and more comfortable. Jody recommended books to help me understand personal dynamics that were in play within my dissolving marriage. She could charge a much higher hourly rate but continues to be reasonable and accessible to all people in need of her service. I have recommended Jody several times since I hired her in 2013. Every person that has followed up on my recommendation has thanked me and affirmed the positive words I have stated above. True to her words, it took me 4 months to finally wake up and say “enough is enough.” It was a blessing to hire her as my attorney. She was an awesome advocate, teacher, and encourager. – Lisa