Family law covers a broad spectrum of areas, ranging from divorce and probate to child related issues such as adoption, child custody, and child support.  At Golden & Jernigan P.C., our attorneys are well-versed in all aspects of family law. We Provide Counsel For the Following Family Law Cases:


Our family law and divorce lawyers at Golden & Jernigan P.C. are experienced in handling all manner of divorce proceedings. From child custody and alimony disputes to division of assets and prenuptial agreements, our divorce lawyers have counseled clients throughout the Greater Grand Rapids, Kent County, and West Michigan areas.

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Our adoption lawyers at Golden & Jernigan P.C. are experienced in handling all manner of adoptions. From domestic and international cases to stepparent and grandparent adoptions, our experienced lawyers will guide you through the entire adoption process.

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At Golden and Jernigan P.C., we understand that a child custody dispute is a difficult time for both you and your family. That’s why you need an experienced, compassionate, and aggressive family law attorney to protect your rights.

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In a child support case, it is critical to determine the true incomes of both you and your spouse. This can be a difficult task if you or your spouse is self-employed, a small business owner, or, in extreme cases, intentionally unemployed or underemployed.

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Persons choose to enter into a prenuptial agreement for a variety of reasons. Regardless of the motive, you must consult a qualified family law attorney to ensure the prenuptial is valid and enforceable.

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